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 We showed Alex how to get hired - where she wanted to work. At California's top government digital design lab for social good. And and we showed her *exactly* how to negotiate a generous salary, above market rate.  


Alex's Story - SAN FRANCISCO

Before: Alexandra JL, Ph.D. was struggling to get the UX offers she wanted at the level she knew she deserved. After: She applied the skills she learned in Seal the Deal to get multiple offers in Silicon Valley as a UX Researcher. Listen to Alexandra's Interview on the Humans Software Love Podcast.  

Learn how Alex made the transition from Architecture to User Experience Research after moving from New Zealand to SFO all the while having a baby and writing a book called ‘Resilience by Design’ published by Springer. Listen in during your coffee break, commute or free time 🎧🕶  

We showed Ronnie exactly how to position himself to get 3 Full-time UX design job offers - one offer one at the worlds largest entertainment company and a 50% salary increase.  

Ronnie's Story LONDON  

Ronnie McGibbon

Before: Dad of three Ronnie joined Seal the Deal because he was frustrated with the lack of opportunities for career growth at his existing company. And with over ten years plus of service to the same company Ronnie was keen to spread his wings.  

After: In a short space of time, he hit the ground running, we showed him step by step how to build an impactful online portfolio, powerful negotiation skills and interview techniques. He recieved multiple job offers and could choose where he wanted to work next. He was in control of the process.  

We showed Ben how to get two great UX job offers and a salary increase of £10K+ within a tech company half hour commute from his home.

Ben's Story LONDON 

Before: Ben was a Senior UI Designer with 15 years experience, who had taken a General Assembly UX course and spent the last 18 months building his UX skills. He'd also applied for UX roles, but could not get past the interview stage. It was frustrating for him because he knew he has the skills to get hired  

After: "Within one month of joining Louise's program, I got two job offers in 3 days - whereas before I was struggling to get through the interview stage. My brain was often scrambled after long days at work as a UI Designer, but the Powerful UX Portfolio program gave me the confidence to take control of the hiring process and get the insider portfolio tips that UX hiring managers are looking for. The real-life portfolio examples that Louise shows, that you can use as a framework too, are brilliant."  

We showed Chris exactly how to position his portfolio to get UX job offers at top Charities in London - and achieve a 100% increase in job satisfaction because it's not always about the money

Chris's Story LONDON

Chris S: UX Designer, London, UK. Result: Full-time UX job offer with a leading charity organization. Increase in happiness at work - 100%+  

Before: the program Chris was a front-end web developer he had a portfolio, but it lacked details and structure, he was struggling to get to the interview stage.  

After: "I was lucky enough to get on the Powerful UX Portfolio program in the early days with Louise and I'm pleased to say I'm one month into a fantastic UX position at a company I love with a team I love too."  

"Louise kicked my ass and showed me which of my skills and experience was valuable and how to present it best. She taught me how to find and speak to people in charge of hiring - as well as how to talk about my work so it showed impact." 

Kerry's Story NEW YORK 

Result: Full-time job offer with a top-tier financial UX research firm in NYC. Increase in salary 25% + commission. And a 100% increase in aappiness at work.

Before: Kerry was a research student and office manager. Frustrated with the lack of opportunities for growth at her company she wanted to get hired as a full-time researcher in NY. After only a week on the course, Kerry created a powerful case study and pitched at the NYC Researchers Meet Up, that lead to inquiries and interviews soon afterward.  

After: "I just got off a call with a dream UX research company in NYC who want to put 'my application to the top of the pile' exact team leads words. I can't believe it; I am so excited for the future. I thought I had nothing to offer a company looking for a UX Designer. I was no closer to a job offer after spending $7,000 on a GA course (half was a precious cash bonus, and the other half was on credit card) that seemed like the only confirmation that I 'belonged with these people.'"  

Full-time UX Manager job offer with the **best** digital consulting firm in the world and a $12K salary increase.

Anton's Story SOUTH AFRICA 

Before: New dad Anton was working as a Project Manager for eight years and wanted to fine-tune his analytical strengths, to make a sideways transition into UX.  

After: Anton applied the Seal the Deal framework to his first choice company - the best digital consultancy in the the world with global precense and got an offer - the negotiation skills we showed him, got a $12K salary increase.

Please note that Seal the Deal is a high-value 1:1 UX career coaching program.  

While we can't guarantee the results, our clients have made back their full investment (and more) in month two and three of the program.  

Ben did it in 26 days. Beat the record! 

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