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Essential Webinar Design Services

By Louise Campbell and Kiera Zekra

Examples of our work below:

Carolin Soldo - From Passion to Profits

How it works  

Step 1: Choose the number of slides you require from the dropdown menu below.  

Step 2: Place your order.  

Step 3: Once we have received all your content via email we'll book in a call with you to discuss and achieve the look and feel you require.

Details: Work commences on the 1st draft of your slide deck design when your content is received by us via email. This includes: all your text, image files, logos, colour palette and full payment.  

  • By placing and paying for your order in advance we guarantee your work to be completed and delivered to you by your specified delivery date. 
  • Simply supply a source text file in Word, include the title page text. Please note: Your slide deck text is not the same as your webinar narrative (notes). 
  • Email us your content folder links to your Google or Dropbox folder or existing PowerPoint document. Include hires logos, images and your brand color palette via email.
  • All output is Google slides or a standalone PowerPoint file
  • Your slide deck design package includes a 1st draft for your review and one round of edits.
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More examples of our work below!

With Amy Guerrero, Radical Recovery Coach
Robbi Firestone - Renew, Restore, & Recover after Infertility
Seal the Deal with Louise Campbell - UX Career Coach
Webinar Essentials for Coaches By Louise Campbell and Kiera Zekra
Millionaire Mom-  with Terry Records

About Louise Campbell

If you’ve ever had at least one of these thoughts before:

  • “OMG I need a great looking coaching website or webinar slide deck FAST.”
  • “I need someone who can take this design job off my hands.”
  • “I wonder if my website or slide deck look great or not? I want someone to do all the design work or me.”
  • “I’m not confident enough to do the design on my own.”
  • “I need someone to cut-out these images for me."

Then you need Louise, because what if the same phrases are stopping you from getting clients worth £1,000, £10,000 or £100,000 or more? 

Did you know? It’s not only about appearing totally professional and capable in other people’s eyes. It’s not only about finding clients. It’s not only about hosting fantastic life changing webinars.

It’s all about the look and feel of your website, and webinar slide deck plus how it makes people feel when they read it.

I‘m a user experience designer with a background in graphic design who has over ten years experience of solving design challenges for hundreds of clients. Learn more...