The Powerful UX Portfolio System

From Louise Campbell, as featured in Huffington Post, and InVision App Blog  

Yes, You Can Go from no UX Job Offers to Hired in 26 Days with an Average Salary Offer $71,000 USD (£54,000 GBP)

  •  Even if your portfolio is not reflecting your capabilities at a level you think it should be for your skill set
  •  Even if you've applied endlessly via online application forms - and heard nothing back.
  •  Even if you think UX employers only hire P.h.D applicants and you're not near that stage, yet.

Introducing the step-by-step 'get hired' system to stay on the technology speedboat and get UX jobs that earn an average salary of $71,000+ USD (or £54,000+ GBP). Includes an online course, live coaching, private whatsapp group, private facebook group and yes...a an exact online portfolio framework and workshop comes with it.

Powerful UX Portfolio System Results: screen shots from our private whatsapp group

Because there’s no faster way to get the UX research or design job you deserve than using the Powerful UX Portfolio System

Skip this and you could be stuck for years while younger designers get the jobs they want, just because they know how to get hiring managers to say: "Great! I'll move your application to the top of the pile."

Hi and thanks for stopping by. I'm Louise, and I went from optimising ecommerce sites for clients and earning a few dollars an hour, to earning $71K in my first year as a successful UX Designer. 

By now I’m sure you’ve tried a few things out, perhaps you’ve

  •  Applied for UX job after UX job via online application portals and never heard back.
  •  Taken a General Assembly course, but felt unsure about the next steps, because there's no exact blueprint on how to get a successful UX portfolio together that WOWs hiring managers and team leads. Until now.
  •  Transitioned to UX from print design, web design, architecture, psychology, graphic design, UI, fine art and product design, but felt out of depth, because you don’t know what hiring managers are looking for, even though you know you have the empathy, design and research gathering skills to do the job advertised.
  •  Got to interview stage, but weren't sure why you didn't get a job offer. And feel like you are one of the hundreds of applicant’s — and there aren’t enough junior UX or entry level positions to go around.  

Are the lack of confidence, interviews, a persuasive portfolio and the language of UX you need to know - not happening? If so then this program is for you:

This is not a dream. The Powerful UX Portfolio System actually works.

Ben T: UX Designer, Essex, UK. Result: Full time UX job offer and salary increase of £10K+

BEFORE the Powerful UX Portfolio program: Ben was a Senior UI Designer with 15 years experience, who had taken a General Assembly UX course and spent the last 18 months building his UX skills. He'd also applied for UX roles, but could not get past the interview stage. It was frustrating for him because he knew he has the skills to get hired.

AFTER: "Within one month of joining Louise's program, I got two job offers in 3 days - whereas before I was struggling to get through the interview stage. My brain was often scrambled after long days at work as an UI Designer, but the Powerful UX Portfolio program gave me the confidence to take control of the hiring process and get the insider portfolio tips that UX hiring managers are looking for. The real life portfolio examples that Louise shows, that you can use as a framework too, are brilliant." 

Chris S: UX Designer, London, UK. Result: Full-time UX job offer with a famous charity organisation. Increase in happiness at work - 100%+

BEFORE the Powerful UX Portfolio program: Chris was a front end web developer he had a portfolio, but it lacked details and structure, he was struggling to get to interview stage.  

 After: "I was lucky enough to get a on the Powerful UX Portfolio program in the early days with Louise and I'm pleased to say I'm one month into a fantastic UX position at a company I love with a team I love too." 

Kerry B: UX Strategist, New York. Result: Full-time UX Strategy job offer in NYC and salary increase of $20K+ commission

Before the program: Kerry was a research student and office manager. Frustrated with the lack of opportunities for growth at her company she wanted to get hired as a full-time researcher in NY. After only a week on the course, Kerry created a powerful case study and pitched at the NYC Researchers Meet Up, that lead to enquiries and interviews soon afterwards. 

After: " I just got off a call with a dream UX research company in NYC who want to put "my application to the top of the pile" exact team leads words. I can't believe it, I am so excited for the future. I thought I had nothing to offer a company looking for a UX Designer. I was no closer to a job offer after spending $7,000 on a GA course (half was a precious cash bonus and half was on credit card) that seemed like the only confirmation that I "belonged with these people." Louise kicked my ass and showed me which of my skills and experience was valuable and how to present it best. She taught me how to find and speak to people in charge of hiring - as well as how to talk about it. She raised my confidence - which is even more valuable to me than a job in UX."

What's stopping you?

In 2012 was a stay at home mum with a tiny web design business on the side. My hubby worked 12 hours a day. We just about made ends meet. That's when we decided to move to Germany for a better life. My German was terrible, no-one there would hire me. Stumped by the language, in debt and unemployed, I took to crying all day and fixing my Mac power adapters by hand. Because when they blew, I couldn't afford a new one. I was focussed on the wrong things.

In January 2013 I made a pledge to myself: I would get hired by e-commerce giant First, I realised I needed a powerful UX portfolio. Second, I scraped together all the information I could, on how to improve the checkout user experience of my only e-commerce client at the time. Third, I knew my LinkedIn profile was important. I knew I had no time to lose. Debt was on my tail.  

In my first four weeks of pitching clients I secured a $12K contract with a start-up, and by April I was offered a UX position at e-commerce giant  

I quickly realised that my colleagues wanted to know how I went from nowhere to success so fast. I was getting more and more requests for work. I wanted to show other designers who were very talented and stuck in a rut, how to upskill their services into one whole package and Powerful UX Portfolio was born.

Why The Powerful UX Portfolio System is different

Did you know? Your UX portfolio is only 20% of what you need to get hired as a UX designer when you are starting out. The Powerful UX Portfolio program covers the other 80%. Including mindset, positioning, original scripts to use to get meetings with hiring managers and team leads, my $100K CV and cover letter example, interview tips, negotiation tips, and how to get offers for jobs that haven't even been advertised yet (that my students were most surprised about).

Who would you rather learn a Powerful UX Portfolio system from? A financially successful UX researr who has worked for top technology companies and been featured in Huffington Post, and InVision Blog or someone who has released a $14.99 video or eBook?

How much is his program worth in the end? My students pay a premium for my material because they can make back that investment in their career, in only four weeks if they follow the exact step by step system.

How would you like to be trained? Step-by-step learning the actual mindset and strategies to get UX hiring managers attention or read a 10 step online article that you quickly forget?

Do you want support? I've built a community of students who hold each other accountable and help each other through the program. That doesn't just end when the program ends.

What results can you get? Real UX job offers, with real companies and teams that you want to jump to of bed to work with. It's possible.

And now I'd love to share my system with you

Because I want to create a real movement, and talented group of UX designers who are ready to become networking and LinkedIn all-stars and position themselves for jobs they want, so hiring managers can’t possibly ignore them.

I want to show you exactly how to..

  • Stop tinkering with your portfolio, so you know exactly what to leave out (and to put in) to prepare yourself for interview and negotiation success. Even if you're a beginner or your career spans several years.
  • Find companies and clients who are happy to pay you the going market rate and more. 
  • Align your CV, cover letters and portfolios with a job brief. And what it "really means" when they say you need "5 years of experience and a PHD in analytics" to apply for a Junior UX Position.
  • Choose between being UX specialist or generalist (and why it's important to let your potential employer know where you stand, and when and most importantly WHY.)
  • Position yourself as a UX professional, calm, confident, neutral and non-biased. Why? Accidentally offending your hiring manager is common, and often candidates don’t even know what they’ve done. They just don’t get called back.

Now it's up to you

I don’t want you to waste any more time trying to wonder how all the pieces fit together

I want every UX job application you make to lead to more job offers.

Browsing Facebook and Slack groups trying to find work is not work – it’s a waste of time.

Thinking about your big UX job or client idea is not work – it’s daydreaming.

Tweaking your website or portfolio for the 100th time is not work – it’s an obsession.

That’s why I created Powerful UX Portfolio

Powerful UX Portfolio System is an Exclusive Career Advancement Program to Teach You Exactly How to Get Interviews and Get UX Job Offers.

Ready to join The Powerful UX Design Portfolio System?

Powerful UX Portfolio is a proven system, to get a full-time UXD, research or Product Design job offer of at least $66K+ USD by week 4 (if you do all the work). Or your money back.


 Q: I’m not making any money from UX yet, and I’m scared to sign up. Why should I make this investment now?

I find many of my students are working in another career like UI design, architecture, fine art, psychology, web design and they are taking part-time courses to increase their chances of getting hired in UX. Although this course is not about learning UX research or design, it is 100% focused on positioning you get hired without struggling. Many students focus on their fear failure instead of “how can solve this problem for my potential employer.” 

I got my first UX job because I learned — how to focus on ‘the outcome’ my clients wanted — (I used to be a graphic designer/web designer) but, then I had to research for three whole years trying to figure the UX career growth bit. You are at an advantage now, because this program will show you how to do that in 4 weeks.

Q: Why should I Join Powerful UX Portfolio program?

In short - your can potentially get a UX job within 26 days of taking this course. Other programs teach you about short-term tactics to 'update your portfolio'. I'll show you how to create a robust end-to-end superstar UX job application system. That means you'll never have to fill out an online application form again. Instead, you'll learn a UX job application process, that will completely bypass online application forms. You'll build a portfolio that hiring managers will say "WOW! Let's get them in for an interview" to. Instead of hearing nothing for weeks on end, I'll show you how to be 100% in control of the hiring process.

 Q: I’ve already spent $3000 or $11,000 on another UX design course

Yes! It’s hard to know what hiring managers are looking for, especially when you discover hiring manager and team leads don't always take those classes seriously. I was in your shoes once; I felt that if I hadn’t taken an MSc in Human-computer Interaction Design or had a Degree in Psychology at the time, no one would take me seriously. Wrong. I’ve been hired and added millions of $$$ to the bottom line of digital companies because I knew what to focus on. I built a portfolio that got me to interview stage and beyond, what to concentrate on is important. And I'll show you exactly how to do this too, to get hired.

Q: Will this program work for me if I live in the Middle East, Afica or Asia? Ultimately, I want to get a UX job in Europe because things are so unstable in my country.

In short - you can potentially get a UX job within four weeks of taking this course. TIP: Get a technology job locally, at a big-multinational tech company that has offices worldwide, and I'll show you how. So whether you live in Cairo, Egypt, Colchester, UK or Connecticut, USA if you do the work laid out for you, you will reach your realistic goals, step by step.

Q: Does this program only work for me if I’m already an UI designer or front-end web designer?

 Yes it helps! Because I don't teach UX design. I show you how to position your achievements to get you hired. Here's your minimum viable checklist to see if you are ready to apply:

  •  You have completed 3-5 years of UX R&D or product design projects
  •  You a dab hand at Sketch App, Omnigraffel or Illustrator to build wireframes 
  •  Built clickable prototypes to show interaction using Axure or InVision App
  •  Know your way around HTML and understand page structure, your building tools of the internet
  •  Had commercial design success (remember it doesn't have to be huge success, you can present predicted results when you are starting out)
  •  Taken the FREE Google IQ certification (approx 6 hours to complete) and understand how to read the GA dashboard.

If you've done all of the above..

See you on the otherside.

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